Different users on Hypothetical Roller Coasters Wiki have access to different features of the site. While everyone can do most things on a wiki, including reading and editing pages, some users have access to different functions, known as a user right. User rights are earned by trustworthy, active, and friendly users - we do not "hand out" user rights. You can find out more about these groups by visiting Help:user access levels and Special:ListGroupRights.

Chat Moderator

A Chat Moderator has the ability to kick and ban certain users from Chat for violating the Chat Guidelines. A user is typically promoted to Chat Moderatorship if they prove active and trustworthy towards the Administrators, and are in Chat often prior to their promotion.


Rollback is a function granted to certain users that allows them to have and use a rollback button without making them Administrators - meaning they can revert an edit by any user if desired. Rollbacks typically have Chat Moderator rights in addition if they maintain activity.

Bumblebee the transformer Talk | Contribs Eldest Rollback

Monitors the Wiki


Junior Administrator

A Junior Administrator, typically consisting of Discussions and Content Moderator capabilities, has the ability to perform limited Administrator functions, however, they cannot access User Rights or block users. Junior Administrators are also granted Chat Moderator rights in addition.

AGirlCalledKeranique Talk | Contribs Eldest Junior Admin

Monitors the Wiki



This right is granted to capable and active users who have proven to be very trustworthy. Administrators typically have access to theme and website design and function, as well having the ability to block users and limited access to user rights. Administrators are primary enforcers of the Wiki's Rules and assist in combating vandals.

Bobnekaro Talk | Contribs Eldest Administrator

Monitors the wiki



This right is granted only to active users who have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Bureaucrats, in addition to having all the abilities of an Administrator, have total access to all user rights and can demote/promote any user if desired. In addition, Bureaucrats are responsible for the day-to-day functions of the Wiki as well as establishing the site's rules. The Founder of any Wiki is automatically granted both Bureaucrat and Administrator capabilities.

Sassmaster15 Talk | Contribs Eldest Bureaucrat/Founder

Monitors the wiki & Oversees Promotions/Demotions


User Rights Requests

On this wiki, users are able to requests specific rights if desired. When requesting, users should follow the instructions listed on the requests page pertaining to the position they are applying for. In addition, all requirements must be met in order for the user to receive said rights. Users may not request certain rights if the request page they are looking for has "closed requests."

The HRCW has five rights available for request:

Request for Chat Moderator:RfCM

Request for Rollback:RfR

Request for Junior Administrator:RfJA

Request for Administrator:RfA

Request for Bureaucrat:RfB